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001  Mt Everest

001 Mt Everest

December, 1989. Pete and I fly almost halfway around the world, by way of Bangkok for our winter trek through the Annapurna region of Nepal. We spend several days living with a wonderful family in Kathmandu. They are related to a Nepali we met in Boulder. They introduce us to a young Sherpa who becomes our constant companion and guide throughout our stay in Nepal. After a long and rough bus ride to Pokhara, we fly to Jomoson and start our 100 mile trek back to civilization. When you are 100 miles away from the closest road, life has a completely different pace. As we pass the tiny villages of stone houses, it almost felt medieval. We were trapped in one town for two days during a blizzard that dropped several feet of snow. It made hiking very difficult for days as we made our way to the trek high point, at Muktinath, 13,000'. As we walked back down the Kali Ghandaki valley to Pokhara, we pass through Tatopani with its hot springs and great inns. The Nepal high plateau is Buddhist in culture. Kathmandu is more Hindu in character. We had the chance to visit many of the important religious shrines while we were in Kathmandu. We also spent a couple of days riding elephants in Chitwan National Park watching for tigers and rhinos.