Day 5 Graham Ranch to Gateway Hut

elevation profile
topo map

32.5 miles
2,100' ascent
5,900' descent
8,500' to 4,700'

We left early and decided to try the Ute Creek single track option. We read about it in the hut and it was described as very extreme for the first 1/2 mile but then more like a four wheel drive road for the remaining miles. Well, unfortunately, the entire 9 mile "shortcut" was almost impossible for us to ride. Someone had taken a bobcat and worked the trail over and created lots of loose dirt and miserable conditions. I rode about 50% of the trail and it took us until about 11am to get back to the main route again. But then the real fun began. The ride into Gateway drops down a shelf road at about a 13% grade. The views were amazing! As we made it into Gateway, it got real hot. The hut was unpleasant due to the heat but there was a resort in town for us to buy a meal and get some cold beer. Unfortunately, rooms at the resort cost about $260 per night, or we would have stayed there!