Day 6 Gateway to La Sal Hut

elevation profile
topo map

22.5 miles
4,000' ascent
900' descent
4,700' to 8,200'

We got a real early start after eating breakfast at the cafe and hit John Brown Canyon by 7:30. The JB Canyon had some of the WWII uranium mines for the first atomic bombs. This canyon gains almost 4,000' in a 7% grade as we slowly made our way to the Utah border. Even though it was not that hot, the dryness of the air was a problem, it seemed to suck all moisture out of our bodies. Once we were in Utah, the grade was more gentle as we made it to our La Sal Mtn hut in the woods. We watched a dog herd sheep with no human around to suppervise! As soon as the sun went down, it was amazing how quickly the air got cold .