San Juan Hut Systems Mountain Biking Adventure
July 22-28, 2009


The route followed dirt roads for 215 miles from Telluride to Moab. Through the San juan Alpine environment to the slick rock country of Utah. About every 30 miles a hut with bunk beds, sleeping bags, kitchen supplies, propane lights, and lots of food and drinks were provided. Throughout the week that Obie, my Florida Cracker bike riding friend and I spent on the route, we did not see 25 cars! While technical bike riding skills are not needed for this trip, excellent bike riding endurance is a must.

The San Juan Hut System web site

As a safety precaution I had the route preloaded in my GPS to help us from getting lost and I also carry a SPOT, which is a satellite GPS messenger system that receives a signal from my SPOT transponder and then sends the location to a server that anyone on the internet with my code can access on the web and locate me on the map. Bette was able to track our progress each day and know exactly where we were. It also has a 911 button incase there is an emergency, the SPOT monitoring service will send HELP!!